A picture, like a painting, speaks a 1000 words….so why not make sure the pictures out there of you are your best yet. Selecting the best photographer with great posing skills is vital for the perfect photo of you. You get what you pay for and cheap is always readily available but not the best option in the long run.

Here are 5 things you can do to ensure your pictures always looks amazing:

  1. Find an experienced photographer (look at their portfolios) that knows how to pose people,
  2. Meet with the photographer before the time – especially if you’re looking for a wedding or family event photographer. If not physically possible then have a telephonic ‘meet’.
  3. If you need corporate headshots – make sure your hair and make-up is done professionally before the time (some photographers have make-up artists available on request).
  4. Be on time for your shoot to avoid being rushed.
  5. Pack extra make-up and moisturiser in your bag to do touch ups.

Now that you are better prepared – go on, book your shoot with us!

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