How we work and what to expect when you have a booked a shoot with us.

About Lifestyle photo-sessions

How we work – are we the right photographers for you?
We believe in teamwork – it’s the secret ingredient to our success and our style developed around this concept. To request only one photographer to be on site for a lifestyle/family/boudoir photo-session means we cannot deliver the quality of photo-work you see on our website.

You can expect our photo-sessions to be interactive and fun. It’s all about getting you acquainted with you & what you look like on a picture (i know..many people think the camera hates them but it’s actually not true at all!)

We can work with everyone – no matter how ‘un-photogenic’ you think you are!

Session information:
Our sessions start the moment contact is made – we consult with you first to get an idea of what you have in mind and take it from there. Gentle posing guidance on set/at your photo-session enables us to create the imagery unique to our style.

Sessions with children are usually not longer than 40 – 50 minutes unless otherwise stated.

Photography pricing start at R1800 for studio and R2000 for location (within Cape Town) for a 40 – 60 minute session. 

Our pricing includes high-end photo-editing of 10 images per lifestyle session and 15 images colour corrected.

Extra photos are prepared at an additional fee of R50 per image.

Celebratory events gives you all the photos of the session or day, colour corrected and in 2 sizes.

Image preparation / editing:
We have 2 different ways to edit our lifestyle session-work.

High end editing – we spend time to meticulously correct anything that might be out of sorts in your photos – this include but is not limited to skin-blemishes, stray hairs, the cellphone in your pocket, gran’s hand on boeta’s arm…)
Celebratory events editing – we correct your photos by ensuring the crop, composition and exposure is correct.

We never release RAW images – only .jpg in 2 sizes – original size and a web-friendly size.

We reserve the editing rights to images created by us and are always available to assist with editing or reworking any of our images.

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