Yes, it’s easy to find someone with a camera these days. It’s even easier to use your smartphone camera to take selfie/photos of the family or yourself. You may even ask, what is the value really? And why is it ‘expensive’ to book a professional photographer?

But, How do you distinguish between the GWC (Guy/Girl With Camera) and a professional photographer?

The price-tag (if any) and how long they’ve been working as a photograper is usually an indication of the skill-level you can expect. In 2019 you can expect to pay between R1000 and R3500 for a quality portrait or family photo session. Shoots are usually an hour long, on location or in studio. This will render around 10 – 15 excellent quality photos in digital format and some prints – for example Photo books / Memory boxes / Wall-art.

For a student or amateur photographer you may only need to pay for your prints and you need to keep in mind they are practising so results may be excellent or average.

I highly recommend you keep the following in mind and insist to either meet in person to discuss your photo-session or telephonically. You will quickly get a good idea if they would be a good match for you.

Here is how to spot a pro:

  1. They use professional photographic gear – this will include a good camera (Nikon/Canon or Sony) and extra lenses.
  2. They can work with or without extra lighting.
  3. They have a notable and well curated portfolio that is available online for viewing at any time.
  4. Professional Photographers usually have more than 3 years experience.
  5. Their portfolio carries a distinct style and their photos are beautiful.
  6. Professional photographers have great people skills and will patiently explain how the process of posing for best results work.
  7. They can take photos in any lighting condition but will advise you of the best times during consultation especially if you select an outdoor session.

You can book us to take your portraits or family photos at any time – simply send us an email or call us on 0820991103

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