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Hot Coffee Photo offers modeling portfolios to aspiring models in Cape town. it is a collection of professionally taken photographs that showcases you as a model’s, range in appearance, style, and ability in front of the camera. It’s essentially a visual resume that represents the your skills and potential to agencies, casting directors, and clients.

Here’s what typically goes into a modeling portfolio:

  1. Headshots: These are close-up photos of the face, usually from the shoulders up, showing different expressions and hairstyles. A headshot is crucial because it often serves as the first image in a portfolio.
  2. Body Shots: These full-length pictures display the model’s physique and posture in various outfits, ranging from casual wear to formal attire.
  3. Editorial Shots: These images are more artistic, often telling a story or conveying a theme typically seen in fashion magazines. They showcase the model’s ability to convey emotion and work with complex themes.
  4. Commercial Shots: Aimed at more general advertising, these photos are less about high fashion and more about selling a product or service. They often feature the model in everyday situations with a more approachable and relatable vibe.
  5. Swimwear/Lingerie: Depending on the market the model aims to enter, these photos can be important to demonstrate fitness and body confidence.
  6. Versatility Images: These include a variety of styles, settings, and looks to show the model’s adaptability across different types of modelling.

Each portfolio shoot produces 20 – 25 photos including polaroid headshots you will need to register your portfolio when you sign up with modelling agencies in Cape Town.

Our team consists of a photographer, lighting & creative director. You need to bring your own clothing and do your hair and make-up.

The photosession takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes and photos are ready in 48 hours.

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“Hot Coffee Photo Studio played a crucial role in making my dream come true! Their talented team captured stunning Polaroid photos that truly showcased my personality and professionalism. Thanks to these captivating pictures, I not only felt confident but also stood out during my flight attendant job interview. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve successfully embarked on my dream career, and I’m forever grateful to Hot Coffee Photo Studio for their exceptional work. They didn’t just take pictures; they helped me take flight!”


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